Eric d Vries (born in the Netherlands) is one of the most renowned photographers in Cambodia. For the past seven years he has been instructing photo tours and workshops in Cambodia for his own business Photo Cambodia besides working on his very own projects. His work has been on display in the Netherlands and Cambodia. Eric lives in Cambodia since 2007.

From the ongoing series 'Being William E'...

A new book will be released early 2017. So stay tuned…
A selection of prints is in the pipeline, color photographs printed in limited editions on Hahnemuhle paper
'Being William E' series will be on display in 2017

About Khmer Land (released 2015)

Khmer Land = Cambodia
A collection of monochrome photographs mostly from the last 2 years taken during photo tours and workshops with clients from every corner of the world. A collection of photos of ancient temples, the Khmer people in the cities and in the countryside and scenic spots around the country. Some of the photographs in Khmer Land were shot during private photo shoots and excursion trips.

You can purchase Khmer Land here...

Contact: Eric d Vries - ericdvries at gmail dot com

Download the artist's info and selected works on pdf here

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